Upcoming Google Projects

Google always has its far future figured out with an excellent logistics and tech team to support them. What started off as a mere search engine has now grown into a great enterprise that is worth billions. Life has become so easy with Google to help us in the search for anything to everything. Now is the age of highly advanced devices, and Google has been providing the public with many useful technological marvels for a decade now. The future of Google also looks secure with plenty of projects in the planning stage, while some are already being executed. Let us have a look at some of the most promising upcoming projects of Google.

1.      Boston Dynamics

This project has already been sold, and that comes as no surprise as it has great potential to bring about radical changes to the world of technology. Boston Dynamics has developed several robots in the process, and the first one on the list the Handle that has legs and wheels for mobility and strength. Spotmini is a small package of highly advanced techniques to climb stairs, handle objects, and do certain tasks at home or office. Atlas is the most dynamic robot among all these, and it almost has its body packed with human skills. Spot is the highly advanced four-legged model with human abilities and super mobility.

Boston Dynamics

2.      Google Fiber

Google fiber is being provided as an internet option with absolute high speed in the areas where connectivity issues hassle people regularly. The speed would depend on the locations as a hundred Mbps option that is free or 1 Gbps option for normal usage.

3.      Google Calico Project

Calico is a different company that functions in various parts of the world, aiming to provide better healthcare facilities. Google has backed this company by offering common people with more advanced options to stay healthy through treatments, therapy, and many other sessions.

Google Calico Project

4.      Project Wing

This is a project launched by Google to increase access to goods without having to drive through the hassling traffic. As this cycle progresses, traffic congestion will decrease, and carbon dioxide emissions will be eased. Transporting goods gets a new face with Project Wing, helping the planet to stay cleaner without excessive emission of greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide.

5.      Project Loon Balloons

Wind balloons will help in connecting people through online platforms after disasters. This technology is considered as a great tweak to optic fiber by connecting different parts of the world. Both rural and urban areas can access the internet to come back online with the help of these balloons.

Project Loon Balloons

6.      Google Contact Lens

Google contact lens is a technology that is likely to turn the world around for people with diabetes. It will assist the patients by helping them keep the glucose level in their bodies stable. The lens will include a glucose sensor and wireless chip to detect the level of glucose in your body and, consequently, release the required amount in or out of the body through tears.


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