The AMD Radeon 5600 XT is a compelling mid-tier choice for players in terms of both price and also efficiency. No need to wait until the verdict, the 5600 XT is easy to suggest and also toenails the wonderful spot for PC video gaming in 2020.RX5600XT_Pulse_6GBGDDR6

The market segment is necessary in the case of the AMD Radeon 5600 XT as it disrupts the idea of tiering a little. AMD markets the GPU with the wording “The Ultimate Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming … Ultra Setups. Ultra performance. The supreme video gaming experience”.
The assumptions at 1080p ought to be high with good quality settings at resolutions past that taken into consideration a reward. In our testing, we will be testing all settings at 1080p as well as 1440p to show what you can anticipate if you decide to buy one.

The 5600 XT would be or else thought about a mid-tier choice for players in regards to both rate and also performance. The 6GB of GDDR6 video clip memory matches the target market of premium 1080p pc gaming or mid-range 1440p video gaming. In my testing I found the 5600 XT to be extra qualified than I would certainly anticipated in the 2560 × 1440 room. With a road price ranging from $530-$ 630AUD the 5600 XT is about $200AUD greater than an RX 580 8GB graphics card however the efficiency distinction in video games is considerable.

The Radeon RX 5600 XT executes the core innovations from AMD detailed in the adhering to paragraphs. Whilst some suppliers will certainly include various colders and also give extra software application utilities, these modern technologies will be present in all AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT cards:

Adrenalin 2020 Edition
I’ve used this software program a whole lot just recently and it’s really easy to allow or disable different functions. The user interface is user-friendly and I such as how it gives full control over the different options like FreeSync, Radeon Chill, Radeon Boost, Developing, Boosted Sync, Surface Area Layout Optimization as well as various other convenient functions. You can additionally make it possible for some on-screen display metrics like framework rate as well as there is capability to videotape games and check out past performance metrics of games with recommendations for adjusting.

7nm RDNA architecture is the existing generation of AMD Radeon graphics that provides more performance while utilizing less power than previous Radeon modern technology. On behalf of this, we can see the RX 5600XT still utilizing a single 8-pin power adapter like the RX 580 Polaris generation GPU however with considerably even more efficiency and without creating more warm.

Radeon Image Sharpening
When allowed though the Adrenalin control panel, Radeon Image Developing will boost the visuals for a crisper result though a combination of GPU upscaling and also contrast-adaptive sharpening. The difference is extremely refined as well as will certainly be extra visible in some titles over others however it can be made use of with extremely minimal if any type of performance decline.

GPU scaling as well as Integer Scaling
These features utilize the GPU to scale up reduced resolutions to fit the display screen, the Integer scaling will sharpen some lower resolution pixilation to boost the appearance. This is useful if you still like older titles or indie games that are developed for resolutions lower than the native resolution of your display screen.

The Sapphire 5600 XT PULSE OC 6GB





The specifications of the Sapphire 5600 XT Pulse OC made use of for evaluation and also testing are listed below. The 6GB of GDDR6 is informing of exactly how this card is targeted at high performance 1080p pc gaming but additionally a modest 1440p experience. In our testing, I really did not see the 6GB of video memory providing a problem at any type of point. Also note that this card has 14Gb/s of memory data transfer.
Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT 6GB OC
Video EngineAMD Radeon RX 5600 XT
2nd Gen 7nm GPU
RDNA Design
Engine ClockBoost clock: Approximately 1750 MHz,
Game Clock: Approximately 1615 MHz
Video game Clock is the anticipated GPU clock when running regular applications, readied to regular TGP( Total Graphics Power).
Real specific video game clock results may vary.
Stream Processors2304.
Video Memory size/bus6GB/192 little bit GDDR6.
Memory Clock14 Gbps efficient.
Max Display Support4.
ResolutionHDMI ™: 4096×2160@60Hz.
DisplayPort1.4: 5120×2880@60Hz.
InterfacePCI-Express 4.0.
Output1x DVI-D.
2x HDMI.
2x DisplayPort 1.4.
APIVulkan ®. OpenGL ®
4.6. OpenCL 2.0.
DirectX ® 12.
Shader Model 6.4.
Game IndexExtreme 1080P, 1440P Entry.
AMD Features-RDNA Architecture.
-2 nd Gen 7nm GPU.
– GDDR6 Memory.
– Power Performance.
– PCI Express 4.0 Support.
– Video clip Streaming as much as 8K.
– Show Port 1.4 (HBR3)/ DSC.
– Radeon ™ Software application.
– Radeon ™ Increase.
– Radeon ™ Picture Developing.
– Radeon ™ Anti-Lag.
– AMD FidelityFx.
– Async Compute.
– Radeon ™ Rays Audio + Real Sound Next.
– Radeon ™ FreeSync ™ 2 HDR.
Advised PSURecommended: 500W.
Minimum: 450W.
Power Connector1 x 8-pin.
Power Consumption160W.
OSLinux ®, Windows ® 10, Windows ® 7 64bit operating system required.
Dimensions2.3 slot, ATX.
Dimension: 254 x 135 x 46.5( mm).
Sapphire’s clock rate summary is a little obscure however in actual gameplay testing, under complete load, the clock rate was generally 1721-1725MHz on this example. I did not overclock this card.




Sapphire has actually applied a compact dual-fan colder, complete coverage steel backplate as well as red LED illumination for the ‘Sapphire’ branding along the leading side of the card. It felt strong with respectable construct high quality and also I really did not see any type of concerns with either the card or the drivers (which were current, non-beta throughout Might 2020).
The 5600 XT Pulse OC 6GB does not make much noise and stayed quiet throughout all screening. Even at complete tons it was tough to distinguish the sound of the graphics card over the remainder of the system. I can hear the WD Black 6TB hard disk operating over the noise of the graphics card and also would gladly pick this version for my very own gear.

The test system was our ASUS STRIX X470 Ryzen 2700X system per the specs listed below.

ASUS ROG Test Platform.
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X.
32GB 2933MHz HyperX Killer RGB (4x8GB).
Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 water cooler.
Thermaltake Core P3 Curved Test Bench Case.
ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Video Gaming Motherboard.
Samsung Evo 840 250GB SSD.
ADATA SX7000 M. 2 NVMe 256GB SSD (Boot).
WD Black 6TB 3.5 ″ HDD.
Thermaltake TOUGHPOWER I-series RGB 850W PSU.
ASUS TUF M5 Computer Mouse and also K5 Key-board.
Logitech Z533 desktop audio speakers.
BenQ EL2870U.

In addition to the BenQ EL2870U, which is a 60Hz 4K screen, I also tested the Radeon RX 5600 XT on a 27″ ViewSonic XG2703 165Hz IPS panel for some of the subjective examinations. Whilst this isn’t a FreeSync panel, I did get to experience the greater frame rates in those titles where there were no in-game benchmarks.
Synthetic Evaluating.
Allow’s start with the synthetic criteria to obtain a raw numbers baseline and also set some efficiency assumptions. You can download 3DMARK as well as the UNIGINE criteria utilities to evaluate your existing system versus my outcomes for a harsh comparison.

Futuremark 3DMARK screening permits us to obtain a general score as well as additionally separate the graphics card performance in different situations from the more straining Firestrike Ultra/Extreme as well as TimeSpy for DX12 with to the preferable Firestrike common testing. I have actually included Skies Scuba diver as a referral factor for older, much less extensive games.

FIRESTRIKE ULTRA.1.5600XT-Firestrike-ultra
FIRESTRIKE EXTREME.2.5600XT-Firestrike-extreme
TIME SPY.5.5600XT-TimeSpy
SKY DIVER.4.5600XT-Skydiver
The 5600 XT demonstrates a considerable increase in artificial efficiency over the spending plan friendly RX 580.

Unigine screening included a combination of three various benchmarking utilities: Heaven, Valley as well as Superposition. I’ve utilized the various pre-sets to illustrate the difference in between lower-end and mid-level offerings with different intensity/stress levels.

Unigine Paradise.6.5600XT-Heaven
Unigine Valley.7.5600XT-Valley
Unigine Superposition.8.5600XT-Superposition
In every artificial benchmark, the 5600 XT reveals that it actually remains in a various course to the older RX 570/580 cards.

The suggestion of revealing these graphs had not been to bash the lower-tier Radeon offerings yet to demonstrate the artificial void between the budget-friendly yet still compelling RX 570/580 as well as the more costly 5600 XT.

As you will certainly see in the next area, the in-game standards likewise demonstrate a comparable pattern to the artificial results and uniformity is the objective.

In-Game Benchmarks.
The complying with standards are extra common of video gaming experience under controlled problems.

Rainbow 6 Siege.14.5600XT-R6SIEGE-1080
This tactical competitive shooter isn’t overly exhausting on graphics hardware and also fully commited gamers often tend to chase high structure prices for that extra side.

This card might seem excessive at 1080p for Rainbow 6: Siege but when you step up to 1440p the 5600 XT still pushes out more than 144FPS at Ultra setups with an average of 154. Back off the top quality pre-set to Very High at Ultra and also you’re visiting concerning 170FPS at 1440p.13.5600XT-R6SIEGE-1440

Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
The standard quality pre-sets were utilized here at the three resolutions with V-Sync off.

This criteria is difficult on graphics cards and it’s a great way to demonstrate what you manage moving up from the RX 570/580 to the 5600 XT.12.5600XT-SOTTR-1080

Producing nearly 100FPS with the highest setups at 1080p the video gaming experience is mosting likely to depend on scratch as well as the 5600 XT even takes care of to push past 60FPS at 1440p on the greatest pre-set.11.5600XT-SOTTR-1440

Gunman 2016.
This is an older title yet can be a deal at sale time. Historically, it’s also been a tough task master on graphics cards also so we tested it at Ultra setups for a worst instance scenario at the resolutions listed below. 115FPS at 1080p strikes the brief yet seeing 97 on average at 1440p offers the 5600 XT extra reliability in the mid-tier market than at first anticipated.

We made use of max settings below as it’s our basic set– see the gallery below for the specific worths. Oftentimes these setups can be pulled back a bit without an obvious difference.



GTAV-config-2                 GTAV-config-1

As expected, the 5600 XT done well in 1080p and 1440p in GTA V. Sure, this is an older title but it’s still a work of art and something that you can absolutely appreciate at even 1440p with the 5600 XT without jeopardizing the eye sweet. 110FPS at 1080p in GTA V is a great experience however knowing that you can press the resolution higher comes in handy insurance coverage against buyer’s sorrow.17.5600XT-GTAV

Far Cry 5.
Far Cry 5 is a lot of fun as well as the open globe can be appreciated at almost 100FPS on Ultra settings at 1080p with the Radeon 5600 XT.

Remarkably, the decrease in structure price when raising the resolution to 1440p was only about 15FPS at Ultra Settings. I ‘d consider this extremely playable and also a win for the 5600 XT taking into consideration the cost.10.5600XT-FARCRY-1080

At 1080p we see a difference of regarding 25FPS and afterwards at 1440p there has to do with 30FPS between the RX 580 as well as the 5600 XT. Essentially we’re looking at about 33% up on the 580 at 1080p and also near to 50% at 1440p. This fad is comparable in the Division 2 as well as shows the worth of extending the budget by $200 from the RX 580 to the 5600 XT. This level of distinction is obvious.9.5600XT-FARCRY-1440

Tom Clancy’s The Department 2.
I utilized the basic high quality pre-sets and DX12 with V-Sync disabled for these examinations.

Hitting over 80FPS usually in the Department 2 with Ultra high quality settings at 1080p actually is next-level to the below 60FPS efficiency of the RX 580.18.5600XT-DIVISION2-1080

Going for 2560 × 1440, the 5600 XT fell short of the target 60FPS minimum for Ultra settings at 1440p but it does hit over 80FPS when you go down the pre-set to High. Once more, this is a 30FPS enhancement over the RX 580 and also shows the difference between the tiers– also at the outer limitations of its comfort zone with 1440p.19.5600XT-DIVISION2-1440

Subjective Checking.
In the subjective tests, I took typical framework prices from a couple of games however tried to keep the aesthetic situation as close as possible, nevertheless, this is far from a controlled benchmark so keep that in mind.

This screening was done on the ViewSonic XG2703 165Hz monitor as it has a better rejuvenate price than the 60Hz BenQ EL2870U 4K screen. Provided the target audience for the Radeon RX 5600 XT being top-end 1080p gaming, that’s where I concentrated my interest.

Battlefield V.
Educating objective, Ultra, DX12, V-Sync disabled, typical structure rates captured through MSI Afterburner.

I played the training objective to eliminate online variables so expect online gameplay to give a little lower efficiency as there is even more going on throughout the rounds. Typical framework rates for 1080p with Ultra settings were between 100 as well as 120FPS with the premium being seen only when stalling in a fairly fixed atmosphere– so not that regular. The instance listed below is running down a road and was captured at concerning 110FPS.bfv_5600XT

Decision: The RX 5600 XT will play Combat zone V with Ultra settings at 1080p as well as the framerate will certainly vary as a result of the nature of the game yet 100-120FPS is a good experience and I enjoyed with exactly how it played in general.

Ultra pre-set, V-Sync and max structure rate disabled, typical frame rates caught by means of MSI Afterburner. The environment was the training degree, not on-line competitive play.

At 1080p, we saw a blistering 165-175 common structure rate with over 180FPS when stalling sometimes.Overwatch_5600xt-1080-ultra

Verdict: The RX 5600 XT feels like excessive for Overwatch but gamers with a 144 or 165Hz display will benefit from this GPU.

Witcher 3.
Examined utilizing the ‘High’ pre-set, V-Sync disabled, typical structure rates recorded via MSI Afterburner.

The variety was generally 110-125 FPS with a typical average structure rate of 115 FPS depending upon the moment of day in-game (lighting).witcher3_5600XT

Decision: The RX 5600 XT permits gamers to play Witcher 3 as it was meant to be played with no notable FPS declines and also with complete immersion.

COD: Modern War/ Warzone.



At 1080p, seeing frame prices approximately 144FPS when inside with reduced light and also around the 100-120 outdoors went over. I utilized the training run for consistency and also to get rid of network/ping as an aspect.

Judgment: You can have a smooth ride at 1080p with COD: Warzone with the eye-candy made it possible for as the designers intended it to be played.

At Ultra setups, Fortnight played in between 105-130FPS when outside as well as much as 150FPS when inside.

The greater FPS results are when fixed but if you’re simply moving around typically then anticipate to get about 120FPS outside as well as 135 inside at 1080p.


Verdict: Fortnite is a video game I just play when benchmarking so do not consider me a connoisseur on all points Fortnite, yet the experience here was smooth and also snappy. I can’t see anyone being dissatisfied with Fortnite 1080p performance on the RX 5600XT.
Final Ideas.
I’ll beginning this by claiming that I’ve had a great deal of questions concerning purchasing an RX 5600 XT as opposed to an RX 580, particularly whether it is worth the additional cost; people have actually been asking if the normal gamer would truly observe the distinction. This review as well as my last thoughts take a look at the Radeon RX 5600 XT via that lens.

After completing the criteria I switched the 5600 XT into my AMD 2950X workstation with a FreeSync display and allowed the RDNA includes via the Adrenaline software application. The video gaming experience has actually been solid at 1440p– I ‘d go so far as to state AMD set a reasonable expectation with the tone and material of their advertising yet after that surpassed it when they let this GPU ‘stroll the stroll’. The even more I’ve used it, the extra I have actually appreciated it– specifically for the cost/ rate degree.

I suched as the compact nature of this video clip card as well as would certainly more than happy with it for the street price, acoustics and efficiency. I can not see any kind of risk of customer’s regret on this.

So, should you go for the 5600 XT from the RX 580?
If you can, the stretch is worth it as well as a strong renovation. $200 even more gets you a whole lot in terms of a raw FPS boost but likewise options progressing if you ever wish to grow from 1080p right into 1440p territory. The 14Gb/s of the GDDR6 memory as well as 7nm style is a large advance from the older Polaris cards.

I’m convinced that the value is absolutely there for the RX 5600 XT, in spite of the cost of a minimum of $529AUD. It’s affordable against the offerings from Team Environment-friendly but also in the isolation of AMD’s own item pile the enter performance from the $329+ RX 580 validates the list price.

When you factor in the rate as well as consider the boosted aesthetic top quality and frame prices readily available throughout your whole game library contrasted to the RX 570/580, the jump of $200 isn’t unreasonable– as a matter of fact it’s cash well invested if you can afford it.

The Player’s Selection?
This card feels like it was made for the typical gamer as well as while it will supply an exceptional experience at 1080p it is also very qualified at 1440p. I can envisage a great deal of 5600 XT proprietors hanging on to this card for some time.

After utilizing the Sapphire Pulse OC variation of the 5600 XT for the very best part of a month I have no reluctance in suggesting it. The colder is quiet, portable and also reliable with marginal bling aside from the LED branding on the leading edge. It also only needs a single 8-pin power adapter.

This feels like “The Player’s GPU” to me– not to be puzzled with ‘The Fanatic’s GPU’ that belongs in the next tier for the more hardcore aesthetic requirements as well as spending plans. The pc gaming efficiency is solid and also at 1080p where it’s made to provide, it does precisely that. I ‘d even more than happy with this card at 1440p regardless of that resolution belonging to the following tier up.

The RX 570 as well as RX 580 cards succeed for those on a budget plan yet AMD’s RX 5600 XT truly is the pleasant area for 1080p gaming with all eye candy enabled or for 1440p video gaming with a few visual sacrifices.



Excellent Performance
Compelling Price
Adrenaline software is intuitive
Good thermal profile
RDNA, FreeSync implementation


– None noted



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