Here are the top 12 imho

  1. Marketplace for apprenticeships (Chris Oliver).
  2. A start-up where you can publish a data, have it published then sent by mail to an address you pick (from HN).
  3. An Uber-like app where people pay for their trips with banked miles gained by giving others flights (from HN).
  4. White tag Uber for other taxi solutions (from HN).
  5. Job search website based upon company benefits (Graham Wahlberg).
  6. Angellist for real estate (Graham Wahlberg).
  7. Terms and conditions as a service (from HN).
  8. Home upkeep as a service (from HN).
  9. On-demand trash collection service (Expense Gross).
  10. A pay-to-post social media (from HN).
  11. Social media where individuals can only publish every 1 day (GaryVee).
  12. Furniture search by measurements (from HN).


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