The connection

There’s an outdated joke that goes like this: before the invention of toilets, people used to build very wide shit-holes. If you asked why are they so wide you’d get an answer: “because we want to be able to pull out lambs that fall into the hole!”. The gun control issue in US reminds me of this. :) One argument that pro guns say is that if everyone had guns it would be safer, but it seems strange to me as I think it would be safer if everybody gave up their gun (which might be very optimistic). But then again, I’m a schmuck with very little knowledge about the issue. I just wanted to tell that silly joke!

Annotated _.js source code

Understanding how you provide value

Relaunching my blog… again!

So I decided to give it another shot! last time my entire website was destroyed by the mistake of the hosting company and for some reasons backup was not an option. So I lost the entire thing. But I’m looking forward to this one :) Sometimes hope is a curse. o-0